Some pics are my own stuff..others are from the web or ones people sent me.. if you have any info, knows whose car,bike or what ever it is, or want to take the credit for the pics please post it..This is just a site for stuff that catches my eye, really cool bikes,choppers ,kustom cars and trucks and hotrods..feel free to send pictures with info if you want them posted. If ya dig the site, please join, pass the word around, and let me know im doing alright here. Once i get out to a few runs on my bike or truck ill take some pictures and a run down on the events..
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Sunday, August 4, 2013


Things been a pain in the ass lately..still trying to get the shovelhead done, so i can take it on a few runs in the next month or so, but house and family keeping me busy. I try to take a few mins every night to put up some stuff up,so it doesnt seem dead, but not sure if its getting that many hits to be worth it, so i just going to put stuff up so i can stop saving it on photobucket. As far as the shovel, its a 1977 fxe we hardtailed,has a  93 inch stroker, everything S&S but the cases, 4 spd trans worked as well,this thing runs like hell. Right now its my only bike, though there are pictures of my 68 xlch sportster i got rid of a year or two, the black and red triumph with the harley springer was another of mine i built. plus a few other toys of mine are slipped in on the site here and there. As of right now I have the shovel, a 68 mustang and a 59 f100, and a 27 t bucket project..hmm maybe i need some t buckets up here as well..
Anyway, join,follow, post some comments if your reading this let me know if there is something i should to this stuff so still learning. Once I hit a few runs and shows ill be putting up some pics of those as well.

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